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This web site is specifically designed as a meeting place for both workers and employers from within the world of horses. As a forum for employers in the equine industy, it quickly displays only those quality CV’s which are directly relevant to your needs.


Registering your CV is quick, easy and free. To register, follow the simple online instructions. You can also upload your video profile allowing employers the opportunity to hear you speak and see your equine skills at work. Stand out from printed CV's & let employers see your riding or grooming skills in action.


For a low cost advertising fee you can place your job online. We recommend that you also purchase our low cost CV/video file package to see and hear the candidates that you are interested in. To find out how to view all the details of your selected candidates. We also provide you with a free online database of 25 candidates when you advertise with us.

Our service enables this whole process to be a private matter between you and your chosen jobseeker. You can arrange the final details from the privacy of your office - without any third party involvement or interference.

Specific & Easy:

Our Equine search is uniquely filtered to only show CV's from candidates who currently wish to work specifically within the Equine Industry. Many people's CV details will tell that they like horses and have worked with horses in the past, but in reality they have very different career paths and goals. We save you time and energy by removing those many hobby CV's from our specific Equine search results. The CV's displayed on "Snazzy Equine" are specifically those of jobseekers who are actively seeking employment within the equine industry. This tailored and unique Snazzy service is of huge benefit to both "Equine Workers" and "Equine Employers" alike.


We hope you find our service satisfactory, and we look forward to any comments or suggestions you may have on how we can improve our service to you. Let us know if we have provided you with the fast, reliable, low cost and "Snazzy" service that is our goal.

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